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Foresteria Giardino

The experimental and Educational Chestnut Grove

The chestnut grove is located in the district of Paisco Loveno in the “Plas” area, about 770 metres above sea level and is crossed by the ancient mule track called “Chestnut Trail”, which connects the valley bottom with its railway station, to the town of Forno Allione and the facilities of the Vivione Alpine Botanical Garden.

The chestnut grove develops parallel to the “Vivione 294” provincial road, and together they form the eastern edge of the eco-museum "The Green Road of the Orobie Alps."
The environment, history, rural economy and chestnut cultivation are intertwined in a unique and very impressive environmental context . The centuries-old chestnut trees, together with the ruins of the hut and traces of mining activity, a millstone which was never completed and a carved rock are evidence of a fervent activity linked to chestnut trees and mines of siderite and baryte.